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03-05-2016, 01:03 AM
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by: J. Jericho

Product Review: I had a chance to compare my Fullerton Super with another of the same era, and my comments address both trumpets. As with all vintage Olds instruments, quality is first-rate, and appearance is beautiful. The third valve slide is unlike any other I have encountered. It glides as if on air in its usable range. You'd expect it to fall out, yet there is a taper designed in that stops the slide from doing so at the end of its travel, and well before the end of the slide itself. Surprising. Subtle. Ingenious. Valves are what you'd expect in an Olds: perfect!The sound. Nice and full. Goes from rich to flamethrower sizzling, depending upon volume. A bit brighter than I expected, and I'm not able to change the timbre at will as much as I can with other horns. As other owners have said, I don't expect the Super to blend well with Bach-oriented ensembles, but in a Swing or Jazz group, this trumpet is aptly named.Intonation is mostly good, but some notes (not the same ones on each horn) are difficult-to-impossible for me to play in tune, even with alternate fingerings. With my horn, most notes are close to being in tune, with the few odd ones way off and a struggle to correct. With the other horn, most of the notes that were in tune were spot on, but some of the troublesome ones were so far off that I couldn't lip them into tune. I scratch my head in puzzlement over this aspect of a trumpet that is so playable in all other respects. I have encountered this before, and I suspect that, as with another horn I have owned, finding the right mouthpiece to match will resolve this issue.

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