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03-14-2016, 12:23 AM
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by: J. Jericho

Product Review: A beautiful field trumpet. The gold brass bell on the lacquered version is a nice, subtle contrast to the rest of the horn, which is yellow brass. Sturdy tassel rings enable ceremonial use. The optional G slide adds tradition and versatility to the package. This trumpet has the look and feel of a solid, heirloom quality instrument. The sound has a resonance not found in some other bugles/field trumpets. Intonation is fine with both the Bb and G slides. I find that I use more effort to go through a full repertoire of bugle calls with this trumpet than I do with other horns, whether conventional or field trumpets. It's not that there's more resistance, as I had another field trumpet at the same time as the M2003 which played tighter, but was not as tiring. Nevertheless, this is a fine instrument that you can use to honor our veterans.

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