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08-09-2016, 10:42 AM
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by: Isaias Jimenez

Product Review: Ive probably had about 30 trumpets in the 22 years i have been playing. this is by far the best trumpet out of all of them. you will always read on forums how monette trumpets don't blend well with other trumpets, well here's why: cause its such A BADASS SOUND. the projection is amazing, intonation perfect, it plays everything perfect. this is a great medium bore, fit perfect for every situation. the sound has such a big fat core that makes every other trumpet sound thin and weak. lol so happy with this purchase, Ive had it for about two months now and its amazing. Ive had harrelson, schagerl, bach, courtois, olds, yamaha, schilke, but this is one that i will never sell. if you find one get it, its totally worth the money

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