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10-01-2016, 10:21 PM
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by: cyber_shake

Product Review: I was lucky to find a used one that I negotiated to a crazy good price. New (in 2016) would be $4.8K - $5.8K, depending on model specs and finish. I'd played many of these at the 2015 ITG, so I knew which bell, lead pipe and bore combos were good 'fits' for me. I fell in love with the Rick Braun signature version with the red brass bell, but the one I purchased is a Four-X in silver plated with gold accents, the red brass bell, ML bore and a #5 (ML) lead pipe, which are not the same combo as the Rick Braun model. First, the valves are super fast, smooth and even. The blow and feel of this horn is so focused ... it is like the best Bach 37 you ever played, but better. Slotting is excellent. It doesn't take much air to play this horn, so you can play it soft and sweet, or push it more for big dynamics with solid intonation in any range. I find the #5 has a bit of resistance to the blow, but it just reminds me to relax and enjoy the superb playing characteristics of this horn.Fit and finish are flawless. These are custom-built by a master, and you know you are playing something very special. That brings me back to my 'cons' statement. In the world of trumpets, the Rembrandt is more expensive than your typical big brand, cookie-cutter horns. Why pay $5K for this trumpet when you can buy 2 Bach 37 Strads for about the same price? Is it twice as good? Only you can answer that by playing one for yourself. I would say, 'yes' it is and buy the Rembrandt. And if you can find the right one 'used' like I did ... then more power to you. This is a decision you will never regret!Bravo, Marcinkiewicz!

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