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09-03-2017, 01:52 PM
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by: cyber_shake

Product Review: For the price, this Flugel is hard to beat. Need a Flugel for section work in jazz band? This would be a solid choice. Assembly workmanship appears perfect, and the scratch, satin finish is stunning. Valves, weight, playability, balance, this horn is good in every way, and better than many instruments on the market that are high above this price-point. I found the only knock against this Flugel was the quality of sound and lack of over-tones. It has a muddy sound that is a tad tubby and less clear or singing than some more expensive horns. Want a Flugel for solo work or in a brass band? Save more money and get a different horn. That being stated, if I only had $1K and needed a Flugel today, I'd buy another one. It is a very nice horn that will be great in the jazz band section.

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