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09-03-2017, 02:52 PM
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by: cyber_shake

Product Review: Reminds me of everything good about my old Couesnon, but has perfect fit and finish, fast valves, and very good intonation for a Flugel. .413 bore is so easy to play and flexible. Singing sound, easy to play in higher range (I know this is not where the Flugel 'lives', but good for jazz improve creativity), purchased mine at 2015 ITG after playing every Flugel at that event. Just kept coming back to the F1, verifying it was really as good as I thought. After returning 4 times, I had to buy this herb, as I knew I was playing something very special. Mine has the red brass bell with a silver flair. I think that looks cool, but I played 4 other F1s at ITG, all with different finishes, and just preferred this one over the rest. Beautifully built, perfectly finished, just a joy to play. Mr Adams was there too, and I was glad to get to tell him how much I appreciated his work.

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