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03-06-2006, 08:31 PM

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Review: First of all, this is an excellent horn. Kids or anyone who are looking for a step up professional horn from a student model are wandering what horn to get.

I will convince you why this is a great choice to choose over other horns, like a Bach Stradivarius:

First of all, the valves on this horn are excellent, compared to a Strad they are much less quiet I have found.

The waterkeys on the Stomvi instruments are better in my opinion because the water has a place to go instead of stay inside of the slides. The little barrels allow water to go inside them and not interrupt airflow.

Also, if you do get the reverse tuning slide, this also helps air flow through the instrument smoothly because of the small tubes going into the bigger tubes.

And finally, just for looks, you get the same cost of a Strad plus free gold trim which I think looks very nice.

The only bad thing about this instrument is the case it comes with. Unfortunately the inside of the case does not have as much room to hold for mutes.

So if you are a kid who is thinking about buying a Bach Stradivarius because every other kid at school has it, maybe you should really think what instrument is right for you.

Kirkland, WA

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