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03-28-2006, 09:30 PM
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Horn Review: This is not only the best C I've played (3 eras of Yamahas from 1974 on, Kanstul Besson with the three lead pipes, Getzens, Bachs, etc.) its the best tpt I've played. The response is so live that it seems to suck the air right out. Sometimes the tuning slide is all the way in and I don't even notice!
I have had some trouble with staining on the valves. I think due to its being left out of the case in a quite cold upstairs Minneapolis house. I contacted Schilke who recommended a "Blitz" treated cloth. This removed the staining and restored the valves.

[url="http://www.brassreview.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=197"]Link to the Review (http://www.brassreview.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=1126)