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02-26-2006, 06:30 AM

Horn: Bach VBS196 Piccolo Trumpet

Description: From www.bachbrass.com 01/2006 Press Release:

The new Vincent Bach Bb/A piccolo trumpet is the answer to the requests of hundreds of professionals looking for a quality piccolo worthy of the Bach name. The VBS196 has a tremendous response and its intonation is superb.

The instrument incorporates a long bell design and features the highly refined valve alignment patented and performed by respected trumpet technician, Bob Reeves. The design and construction, along with this valve alignment allows full ease of response without distortion at all volumes. Unlike many piccolo models, this instrument performs with a very open and full sound. Its tone projects over a large orchestra, but also performs well in small settings.

The VBS196 features both A and Bb leadpipes with trumpet receivers (cornet receivers optional). An additional slide allows the instrument to be played in the key of G. Other features include four Monel pistons, silver plated finish, genuine Bach 7E mouthpiece, and leather gig bag. Suggested list price is $2895. The VBS196 is available through all authorized Bach dealers.

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