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Dj Blazin
05-01-2008, 09:51 PM
Hello everybody, i'm in the process of looking for a new trumpet. i've had my trumpet for about 11 years, although i haven't been playing consistenly for all 11 years. i've been playing 4 years straight, took a break, and started again on and off for the last 2-3 years. i'm playing a beginners yamaha trumpet and the 3rd valve is sticking all the time. i'm looking to make the jump to a professional grade trumpet, although my main problem is not knowing where to start.

i want to go with a trumpet where i won't have to worry about upgrading. i jam out a lot with my friends and we play all different styles of music. i'm going to be playing jazz, funk, reggae, soul, and definitely some classical style stuff on this horn so i need something that will be as versatile as my music selection.

can you help me out with what i should be looking for in terms of specs and build? i understand the only way to really know is to try it out but if you can reccomend what trumpets i can check out and where i can start i'd appreciate it.

i'm not really looking to spend more than $2000 but if the investment is worth it then i'll drop the cash. like i said i'm looking for something where i won't have to worry about upgrading.

thanks for your help

01-15-2009, 01:14 AM
hi, why not try a calicchio? good for jazz and leadwork. back in the early `90`s I had 2 yamaha horns, 1 lackeur and one silver(was better), I think they were in the 8 series somewhere. they were in the $2000 range, but they were ml horns, I felt they were too tight for me. I came over my calicchio in `94 and loved it ever since... on my wishlist I have the marcinkiewicz and a custom getzen perhaps. I`ve also tried the eclipse, both the ml red and ml yellow brass and the large bore, great tone the large one, but the yellow brass ml, had a nice edge in the lead playing. eclipse is a custom made horn in the uk, costs ca. $2300.
there is a lot of great horns out there, and with the right setup of horn and mouthpiece, I think you will do great. search for used ones aswell and if you`re still satisfied with your current horn, try a valve alignement if your 3rd`s sticky. I also have a old yamaha ytr 232 large bore from 1974 student type, and it`s great in certain styles, but if I need to really get going in my lead/jazz work I use my calicchio. peace out!