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02-26-2006, 07:30 PM
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Description: The S.E. Shires line of small bore tenor trombones is designed for players who love the flexibility and clarity of a small bore trombone and also want a rich sound that will project well at all dynamics. Although we offer our entire range of bell and slide options, the most popular configurations by far have been:
.500 bore Nickel LightWeight slide with 1YM bells in 7 and 7 inch diameters
.508 bore NLW slide with 1YM bell in 8 inch diameter
These combinations provide a clear, yet warm and flexible sound, with excellent response and agility over the entire range of the instrument. The smaller bells provide a more penetrating sound, particularly in the high register, easily suitable to the demands of a big band lead player. A .500-.508 dual bore is also available.

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