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    Model: Adams A5 - FG (Frank Greene) Bb trumpet
    Finish: Gold Lacquer
    Mouthpieces: GR65, Superchops 4, 6

    At the recent ITG 2012 conference, I had the opportunity to play a wide variety of trumpets from the various manufacturers at the conference in Columbus, GA. After playing ...
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    Model: Getzen 3850
    Finish: Lacquer
    Mouthpieces: Sparx 2C

    Build Quality / Design ...
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    I tried a new practice mute today called the ssshhhmute, designed and distributed by Bremner Music. I have owned a series of different practice mutes through the years (Humes/Berg, Peacemaker, etc.) I have not found a practice mute that has met my needs (small kids sleeping). I was suspect on the ...
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    When I bought this mute a few weeks ago, I was not sure if I needed a replacement for my traditional Humes & Berg bucket mute. (seems like I've only ever sent this model used by my fellow players.)

    The Soulo mute is easy to clip on the bell of my Bach (actually easier than my Humes ...

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