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    With more than 12,500,000 views on BrassReview.com, we are the largest source for Brass Instrument reviews on the internet. Our users are now adding new trumpet, trombones, tubas, and french horns daily, and adding reviews on their favorite brass instruments, and related equipment. If you haven't tried it yet, please add your reviews today. Other brass players players want your advice! Thanks to our users, we have the most complete brass instrument technical databases on the internet today.

    Anyone can Upload a New Horn (registration required), or add just add their Review on any Brass Instrument. Simply browse to the instrument you're looking for, or click on "upload Instrument" to add your own new instrument. We're always looking for more player experiences on trumpets, trombones, french horns, or any low brass instrument.

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    We've recent updated our BrasssReview.com site for 2012. We've upgraded to the latest reviews and discussion forums software. One of our new features is that we now allow our users to share their favorite reviews on their Facebook page.

    In addition, we're continuing to update new manufacturers, ...

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    BrassReview.com is the largest source for instrument reviews on the internet. Our users are now adding new trumpet, trombones, tubas, and french horns daily, and adding reviews, discussions, and links on their favorite instruments, and related equipment.

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