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At the recent ITG 2012 conference, I had the opportunity to play a wide variety of trumpets from the various manufacturers at the conference in Columbus, GA. After playing a few different trumpets, I ended up focusing on an Adams A5 trumpet. I wasn't looking to buy a new trumpet, but found the A5 - FG (Frank Greene model) was exactly what I was looking for in a "lead" type of trumpet. Here's my initial review after playing 3 concerts over the past days. I hope others find this review helpful.Build Quality / DesignThe overall construction of this trumpet is immaculate with the exception of one or two minor gold lacquer finish defects on the lead pipe and bell. The thin profile valve tops combined with the nickel plated valves allow for a very fast valve response. Although not quite as good as my Getzen valves, they are almost as good on my A5. My A5 had metal valve guides, and when compared to an A5 with plastic guides had a better slotting characteristic above the staff during my test playing of the other A5 trumpets at the ITG display. The 3rd valve slide finger ring is comfortable and easy to adjust.My A5 has an adjustable brace between the 1st slide assemble and the crook of the bell. I've adjusted this feature, and have found a location that lets me have the right amount of "feel" when playing this trumpet. I have found that moving in one direction or another changes the resonance/sound of my playing. The 3rd valve slide has a similar brace to my CG Benge (wide brace), and does not have a spit valve.The Adams case is a great sturdy case, and have found it light weight and at the same time providing a protective case. One unique feature is the durable bottom when setting up right.Intonation / Tone / SoundMy gold lacquer A5 is a great trumpet that I use for playing a wide variety of musical groups, including a community concert band, and some regional professional big bands/jazz groups. Compared to my other trumpets, it is the lightest weight trumpet I own. Here's my other trumpets, and their respective weights/bore combination. I would guess a silver plated A5 would be similar in weight to the Kanstul 1070 model.Getzen 3001MV - Gold Plate 0.459 2# 6.9oz.Kanstul 1070 - Silver Plate 0.470 2# 0.6oz.Adams A5 - FG - Gold Lacquer 0.460 2# 0.2oz.I have had the opportunity to play this new A5 at a few concerts this past weekend, and find it very easy to have an "edge" to my playing in my big bands I play in. I find it easier to play if I back off a little, and let the horn shine in it's tone & overtones all with very good intonation across both the lower and upper registers. It has a very full sound, and a very classic "lead" type trumpet sound for me.I've now played 3 gigs with this trumpet, and have found it just what I was looking for.Overall A 9.5 out of 10. Would have a perfect 10, except for the minor finish/lacquer imperfections. Finally, donít think this horn is outrageously expensive - it is not much more than other trumpets such as Bach, Schilke, etc. Do yourself a favor and try one of these trumpets, if you have the opportunity. In my opinion, Adams trumpets are going to be popular moving forward here in the US. I would recommend anyone looking for a new "lead" trumpet, try this one out.

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