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About David Smith

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About David Smith
Primary Instrument:
Trumpet and Cornet
Williamsport, PA
Messiah College Brass Ensemble 1970-1974
Messiah College Wind Ensemble 1970-1974
Harrisburg Youth Symphony Orchestra 1972-1973
Messiah College Gospel Trumpet Trio 1973-1974
Elks Repaz Band 1974-1975
Williamsport Consistory Imperial TeTeQue Band 2009-present

E.K.Blessing Professional Bb Trumpet, ML-1S, 2004
E.K.Blessing Artistic Bb Cornet short bell B-141S, 2004
C.G.Conn Connstellation short model Bb Cornet, 38A, 1966


David Smith, B.S. Music Education
Scottish Rite Imperial TeTeQue Band
E.K.Blessing Professional Bb Trumpet, ML-1S, 2004


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07-31-2012 06:47 PM
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C.G.Conn Connstellation short model Bb Cornet 38A, 1966
I recently acquired this 'closet horn', and I am enjoying it! I did not list a price as I bought it used. It is simply not quite like any horn I have played. All valves and slides work well, as any professional horn should. With the Nickel Silver finish and polished brass accents, this is a real beauty to look at. The dark cornet sound is denser and more centered than any other cornet I have played. The intonation is very good. This is a large bore horn and can produce a big sound easily, yet will play soft. Keeping this an authentic Conn experience I am using the Connstellation 7C-W cornet mouthpiece that is original to the horn. (2012-03-18 I have acquired a 7B-N MP which has flatter narrower rim with sharper inside edge and shallower cup. It plays well with this horn but the tone is bright). Note; the Connstellation Cornet MP seats a little lower (smaller diameter shank) into the receiver than other .050 taper MPs, making for a smaller gap. The slide stops not only limit the extension of the tuning slide but also the retraction.

I would suggest this horn is suitable for the advanced to professional player and is suitable for all styles of music and all types of musical ensembles. I also suggest that this horn may play best when combined with a Connstellation MP.

What Conn said in 1966: The world's highest degree of brasswind refinement in a short model cornet. Favorite of professionals and serious students for its free blowing and large bore feel. Electro-D mouthpipe and bell. Third valve slide throw ring. First valve trigger. Micro-finish mouthpipe. Length 17 1/8". Bell 4 13/16".

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