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  1. Getting a new trumpet

    What should I get, since I have been looking at getting a new trumpet. I think I've decided that I'm getting a Bach LR180S43 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet. But I don't know i could use this in a symphonic setting. Just needed some feedback.

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    Bach Stradivarius trumpets are commonly used in a wide variety of musical settings. The specific model you are speaking of (a Reversed leadpipe model, with a 43 bell) is not a common model for the type of 'symphonic" setting you described. Although, I've seen this model in my local community band and it blends just fine with the rest of the section.

    Good luck with you choice.

  3. Thanks for the information. I am still going to have to try a 37 bell vs. a 43? And I need to try a Bach Artisan. How do you compare the Artisan to the 37 and 43 bells? I also had a question on the mouthpipe, is a 43 mouthpipe a chop buster?

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    The Artisan has a similar bell to the 37, and is a great trumpet that I've played... Really nice trumpet, and enjoyed the full, rich sound of the Artisan. If you can afford the Artisan, you should consider it. The 37 is the most common, that you should be able to find a good used one in the market.

  5. So the Artisan is awesome! I'm going to try one out over the summer. I am also going to play a 43 vs. a 37 bell Bach.

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    I agree the Artisan is a fantastic horn. One problem with horns is that there are so many excellent horns on the market today. You really need to spend as long as you can comparing them. When I tried the Artisan I felt it responded a bit quicker than my 180/37GH but had a hard time hearing much difference and my wife (a flute player) said she heard no difference. When you try horns take something to compare it to, music a tuner and someone else to listen and give you feedback.

  7. I don't know about gold brass bells though. Are they good, I don't think they are really considered for jazz use. Since I think I'm going to go try out a Bach LR180S43 compared next to a Bach LR180S37? Then all work from that towards some other accesories. I was just wondering though, are Bach heavy bottom valve caps even worth there price? Just wondering?

  8. Do any of you guys know where the closest music stores are in Seattle, WA, Oregon, and Utah that have a good trumpet selection? I live in Idaho so anywhere besides Idaho would be great. Thanks!

  9. Does anybody else have any information on a Bach LR180S43 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet. I believe that it is my ideal choice that I am going to get this Trumpet. But does anybody else have anything else to add to what I am saying. Well anyway keep posting.

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    I personally have a Strad LT180S43 light bell. It is a marvelous trumpet. I recently purchased a Strad 37 built in the late 70's. I can already tell a difference between the two. What kind of info are you looking for? I would recommend finding a music store with different brand options and start playing as many as you can. When I bought my first Strad, that's .what I did. I spent an entire afternoon playing many horns, then tried to narrow it down and play the ones I favored, ultimately chosing the 43 light bell. Take your time. It's an important decision.

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