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    So what was the difference between the 70s strad and the LT180S43?
    Olds Supers, LA (1946, 1953), Ful. (1962)
    Olds Recording, LA (1952)
    Olds Studio, LA (1953)
    Olds Special, Ful. (1964)
    Olds Ambassador (1973)
    Bach Strads 37-(1967, 1970, 1974)
    Kanstul 1500 (2002), 1502 (2008), 1503 (2002)
    Kanstul 1537 (2007), 991 (2010)
    Kanstul Chicago (2000)
    J.H. Darby 45 USA
    Holton (Revelation) 1924

  2. Thanks Dan, but what I need is some links to music shops that carrie the Bach LR180S43 and the LR180S37 Stradivarius Trumpets because I wanted to try them out side by side. What I also need is a link to some place that has a good selection of Bach trumpets, yet it has to be close to the Idaho area. I was considering going to the Seattle area sometime but I need to find some music shops. Any ideas?

  3. trumpet selections

    Ted Brown music in tri cities wa is pretty good!

  4. Does Ted Brown music have a website???

  5. So what are your guys opinions on a LT180S43 and a LR180S43 Bach Strad. Which would you rather prefer? Just wondering?

  6. Ask your instructor which would be most appropriate for you, your playing style, and the music you play.

    Our opinion should count for little of your needs.

  7. Would you recomend the the 43 over the 37? Just wondering?


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