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  1. WARNING - Walter Moeck Estate Sale of Mt Vernon Bach

    I recently showed an interest in the above listing on e-bay - lacquered instrument, supposedly owned by Walter Moeck at a buy it now price of $1700, with photos and all. The seller said they were having "problems" with their e-bay e-mail and to e-mail them direct. I did both - and got a response from e-bay having nothing to do with the response from the direct e-mail, the latter wanting the $1700 sent via Western Union to England, in an official looking ebay e-mail and talking about buyr protection, etc. Well, the e-mail was sent by an individual with a G-mail address, wanted the Western Union not to refer to a sale but being sent to a friend in the UK (Moeck died in Sun City, AZ) so they could avoid internet commerce tax, etc. etc. I forwarded the e-mail to e-bay spoof - they confirmed it was a fraud. The whole thing was a shame to get me to send the $1700 and never see the horn ever, if it even exists. SO - warning to all - this is a fraud. Do not fall victim!!!!

  2. WARNING - Walter Moeck Estate Sale of Mt Vernon Bach

    What a wake-up call! I'm currently looking for a Mt. V and could have bit the dust if not for your heads-up! Good job and thank you for the warning!

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    Sidebar conversation. Moeck was my private teacher when I was in 7-9 grades. Remember he liked to give you a slight punch in the stomach to help you understand the diaphragm muscles. He also tought me standing up (in his basement) and to this day I still feel I am practicing better when standing. Hope he is Gabrial's band now.



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