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    Bach Trumpet & Trombone serial numbers


    This is the best consolidation of old Bach serial numbers that we have been able to consolidate. If you have additional documented serial numbers and dates, please add to this thread.

  2. I have inherited from my father a Vincent Bach trompet with case and everything a few years back and I was wondering what this trompet is worth it's serial number(M22432) MT Vernon, New York.
    I hope you can help me.

  3. Worth would be highly dependent on condition, and pix would help. At the low end, it might be worth $7-800, and the high end, $1,500-2,000. But, it depends on finish and specs of the horn.

    The M means it is a medium (.453) bore, and 22432 is the serial number, which, according to the list, was built in 1962. More information could be gleamed from the "shop card" If you call Conn-Selmer in Elkhart and ask nicely, they will email you a scan of the card which shows when completed and specs on the horn.

    Good luck.


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