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  1. Bach Strad vs. others

    My son is going to be a sophomore next year in High School and currently plays a Callet Jazz trumpet that his father gave him.

    My question is, his band teacher keeps asking why he doesn't have a Bach Stradivarius, and that the Callet is not a Strad...

    Do most band directors still push Bach Strads for high school students? If so, which Bach Strad should I consider getting him? a 37? or something different?

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    I don't understand this, but is still very common in High School band rooms today. Typically Bach or Yamaha is a suggested brand of instrument, however there are many fine instruments out there, some even made in the USA still. Two great companies that come to mind are http://www.getzen.com, and http://www.kanstul.net.

    All these companies make great trumpets, if you're interested in a Bach Stradivarius consider looking at a 180S37, this is the most common model out there. The Callet Jazz sounds like a great trumpet also. Have him use it for Marching/Jazz band environments.

  3. Yah bachloyalist is right, if your going to buy a trumpet, make sure that your son knows that he shouldn't get stuck on just a certain brand of trumpet. There are so many brands of trumpets that are still made in the U.S.A.

  4. Many trumpet makers are still in the U.S.A like Selmer and Conn, I really don't know about Yamaha because I thought it was in Japan but I don't know. There still are some great trumpet manufacturers though. Just keep trying them out.

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    If you let him use a Callet Jazz for marching you need to have your head examined. Put the Jazz up for sale and let it go to someone that will appreciate the gem of a horn that it is. Buy him a Strad.

  6. The Callet Jazz is a far better horn than the average high schooler needs. There is no shame in playing it over a Strad.

    I'm guessing the band director is a woodwind player and has no idea who Jerome Callet is.

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    Agree with Forrest. Callet is a fine horn. The Bach Strad is considered "the standard" pro horn by many. There are many pro horns better than it, and it is better than many others. When you reach the "pro" horn level, it is sort of like trying to decide do you get a BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc. They are all fine cars (analogy- horns). Finding one that "fits" you the best is more important than brand. In fact, among trumpet players, there is a saying -the right horn will find you.

  8. I agree with Steve. I used a conn in highschool but love how free blowing and open my schilke B5 is as I play. When I played on the strads 37 the intervals seemed a little closer together and it was a little easier to sustain the pitch.

  9. check out also european trumpets like Adams etc. : fine horns......


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