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Thread: Mouthpiece Gap?

  1. Mouthpiece Gap?

    I've been doing some reading, what is the optimal mouthpiece gap on a trumpet? I've measured mine on my trumpet, and it is around 0.125" using a Bach 5C MP.

    What is common? And are specific trumpet models (ie. Bach 37) use a consistent gap through the years, or was it dependent on the person making the trumpet?

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    This is a good reference that shows the concept of a GAP, and how it can effect your sound.


    Hope you find this useful.

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    There is significant variability in the exact dimensions of mouthpiece shanks and trumpet receivers between manufacturers, and even within samples from the same manufacturer. A very small difference in the dimension of either, as little a .001" in diameter, one can make a significant difference in gap. In general most mouthpiece - horn combinations will play well with a gap in the .125" range, but some players will prefer a different setup. It also varies for an individual player, depending on the equipment. Most manufacturers design their horns and mouthpieces for a gap in this range, except for Schilke, who aim for close to a zero gap.


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    I've seen anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5 mm.


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