In Stock Now! These Flugels play beautifully. The third valve trigger is very very easily operated which is a nice change from many flugels. All registers of this horn are very free blowing. In A/B test with one of my respected colleagues we went back and forth several times to the Yamaha and Schilke Booths at the NAMM show. The Schilke horn won every time hands down. Rick Baptist was so impressed he walked out with one that very same day and is rumored to be making a CD with this horn. It will come standard with both a small taper and large taper mouthpipe, and there is an option to also purchase (for an extra cost) the french taper mouthpipe. These horns take months to make. The HornTrader will have two available in May More pictures upon request. Check out the YouTube on these fine horns ~~~~ ~~