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  1. Trumpet Test Drive

    Hey everyone, I live in northeast Indiana. Any ideas on where the best place to go to try a wide variety of horns in order to pick the one that best fits with my needs?

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    I would suggest you go to Woodwind and Brasswind store in South Bend, IN. I would think they are the largest online store in the US selling trumpets, and their store (a few years ago I was there) has the same selection as online. I would suggest them.

    Here's their address/hour of operations.


  3. Great! I will do that, thanks!

  4. Yah, hey what trumpets are you looking at trying out at WWBW jbeights?

  5. Well that's a good question. I currently have a customized Bach Strad that played on in high school. Then my uncle, Mark Van Cleave, sold me one of his early Callets which I had customized about 10 years ago by a shop in North Carolina. I really like this Callet now. But I wanted to look at some of the Yamaha professional series line. My teacher, Bruce Haag, sells the Kanstul and Schilke line which I would like to look at too. Also, considering that I am on the Claude Gordon method, I would like to look at his line of selmer and Benge horns too. So, a lot of horns to consider! In the end I may just have my Callet overhauled and use that.

  6. Yah man I tried out that Selmer Concept TT Series Bb Trumpet, man it sure looks awesome and feels great. The double lined leadpipe concerned me at first but it plays nicely. Well sounds like fun.

  7. What is a doubled lined lead pipe? I am not familiar with that.

  8. What I meant to say is that the Selmer Concept TT Series Bb Trumpet is a double lined mouthpipe. What I meant to say was the TT stands for Twin Tube mouthpipe. This mouthpipe helps focus more on a more broad sound. This leadpipe also is great for symphonic but can also be played in Jazz ensemble. I tried one of these trumpets at a Jazz festival last year. Hey what is your budget, this depends on your choice kind of.

  9. Interesting. I had not heard of that before. Budget up to 3500.

  10. Wow I wish I had $3500 Dollars


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