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Thread: Inconsistencies

  1. Inconsistencies

    Hello everyone.

    Has anyone else noticed that Bach mouthpieces are horrifyingly inconsistent? I play a Bach 3C, and I've played other Bach 3C's that were extremely different from mine. It seems like every time I see a 7C, it's a different mouthpiece. How is this okay, and how can such inconsistencies be acceptable in a brand with a reputation for excellence? Where does the blame lie? Bach is an old company that has produced a ton of mouthpieces. Your thoughts?

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    This a well recognized issue with Bach. In the old days it was attributed to not changing cup cutting tools as dimensions changed with sharpening. I think things have improved now with CNC lathes, but it is still possible to introduce errors in machining and final polishing.

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    I actually rather like some of the inconsistencies. I find, though there's more to look through you have the possibility to find the mouth piece perfect for you rather then a generic one that you adapt to.


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