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Thread: Warming Up

  1. Warming Up

    Lately I've been using a different mouthpiece (3C) to warm up, but when I start the regular practice I use my standard mouthpiece (1 1/2C). Can this affect my practice sessions and playing in any way?
    PS I use different mouthpieces because I found that it is easier for me to warm up on a 3C.

  2. a little

    How long do you practice for

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    I can. I find that when you warm up your lips adapt to that mouthpiece. Playing a shallower cup isn't a terrible thing though for a warm up. I find it's harder when you are changing rim sizes rather then cup size. But the 3c and the 1 /12c should be the same rim so there should be no problems

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    It* excuse my typo

  5. Ok thanks Zac. treyjones, I normally practice in 30 minute sessions.

  6. Just practice on the mouthpiece that you will perform in. The fact that I understand the physics of a shallower mouthpieces versus a deeper mouthpiece, I use a 3C with my 37 Bach, and a E9.1 Bobby Shew Marcinkiewicz (I keep a Model BC Jet-Tone mouthpiece as a backup (looks like the Bill Chase version)). Bach for classical, and Marcinkiewicz for jazz. I practice on both so I can achieve a good sound in all registers with both mouthpieces.

    I wake up in the morning, I do a little stretching exercises, pick up the horn and play.
    Herb Alpert


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