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  1. Cool Trumpet Frank Holton-Chicago

    I have aquired a Frank Holton Cornet
    It has the serial number 20737
    And has" Made By Frank Holton & Co.-Chicago"
    On the bell with fancy flowers on it
    One the tubes it has the Union Label
    I am curious as to when it was made and the value
    and might take some serious offers
    It is in very good condition -has the case with all accessories.
    The case does have some wearing but I would say in very good condition
    also--For its age.

  2. Sell it on cregs list some of my class is desperate to finally get a cornet

  3. How much do you want I'll tell my friends and they may buy it

  4. I am asking $500 for the Coronet if anyone is intrested

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    That is a pre-Revelation TRUMPET, not a cornet. Had it been made a few years later (as a trumpet) it would be collectible (advent of models 45 and 48 Revelation design trumpets). Had it been a cornet, especially Chicago and in good condition with all slides , 150 to 300. Unfortunately, your trumpet generally goes for 75 to 125 on ebay.
    Sorry. On the other hand, if its a large bore (numeral 001/2 or 1 on 2nd valve, it may interest buyers for its parts.
    Best of luck,Joe
    PS, a coronet is a crown whereas a cornet is a horn.

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    BTW...That Holton trumpet was made pre WWI, about 1913.


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