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  1. SP&S The Triumphonic Cornet Model A

    Does anyone have any information on a Salvation Publishing & Supplies The Triumphonic Model A? My daughter just found one at a consignment shop. It was badly tarnish, the valves felt as if someone had used slide oil on them. I took it apart and cleaned it, all the slides work, the valves work great once cleaned. There is no wear on the silver plating The only major problem with the horn is that it as been dropped, the bell is bent and the support is detached. She got it for 24.00. It plays great. Is it worth getting the bell repaired.


  2. Cornet Repair

    Bennie...if the bell is not too bad and will not take too much time at an hourly rate to repair then it should be worth getting fixed especially for what she paid for it. The brace solder should not be too much either.

    Go to a good repair shop and get an estimate.
    Then you can decide.

    Personally I would get it done if it were to cost only $100-$200.

    Bill Dishman
    Gainesville, Florida

  3. Hey Bill,

    We took it to Brass Instrument Workshop in Atlanta and Mr Ita fixed the bell, the dent and the brace for 100.00. The horn is great.



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