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  1. Bach LR180S43 or LR180S37 Stradivarius Bb Trumpets

    Hey you guys I was wondering what would you prefer more? I still have not tried out the Bach LR180S43 Stradivarius Bb trumpet yet, but I have tried the Bach LR180S37 Stradivarius Bb trumpet. I was wondering what you guys like or dislike about these two instruments. Thanks


  2. 37

    37 hands down. Brighter, lighter...

  3. Depends on your where you're working. I've found my 43 perfect for crossing between jazz and classical. Needs more horsepower to brighten for jazz but allows a warmer sound for solo work, especially classical, working with pipe organ or piano. I prefer the projection the 43 gives for my style of play. My horn for the last forty years has been a Bach medium bore, 43, laqured horn. I'm known for a very rich, big sound with the ability to give a section a shot in the arm while blending and matching any sound. I bleive the horn gives me that flexability.

  4. hey

    Bachs suck

  5. 37 is the better one definetley I am an 12 year old kid and have a trumpet does anyone have any sheet music my email address I samori99@gmail.com

  6. Thanks, keep the posts coming!


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