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  1. 1961 Mt. Vernon Bell Unique Stamp


    Mt. Vernon Bell with unique stamp from 1961

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    What is the serial number? Have a suspicion of what this trumpet is...

  3. 21398.jpg000_0577.jpg

    21398 I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

    Merry Christmas

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    I've not seen of the engravings on such an early Strad. I've seen these one more recent models, but not on a Mt. Vernon. From the photo, it also looks like it was stamped, similar to the normal Stradivarius marking. Very unusual...

    Anyone else seen this on a Mt. Vernon Stradivarius?

  5. It is a stamp, not engraved, I know that for sure. It was intentionally put there as well, because the regular stamp is lower on the bell than normal.

    The only guess I can make is that it is some form of an Anniversary edition, later Ann. models have the same stamp but it is affixed to the bell as a medallion.

    I was very disappointed when the shop card did not indicate anything to why it was there.



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