All my life I have wanted to get my hands on a Bach Vindabona and I finally just bought one the other day on line. I am now looking for anyone out there that has one or more of these horns who is interested in chatting about these great flexible horns. I know this horn can take other Bach main tuning slides like the standard ML slide and I already have a MK drawing slide which is a .453 all the way through.This horn has been the desire of my life for almost 40 years. In the past I have owned a 37 and 72 lightweight (amongst other makes ) because I played mostly in a big band section and the lightweights blended well for that kind of music but now I am retired I have started to blow again and I am mostly interested in a tone that is friendly and warm. I would like to get together a group of Vindabona lovers for a good on line discussion about these fine unique rare horns.