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  1. new here. need help with ID and value of a trumpet

    I'm a guitar player, but through family, have aquired a Bach trumpet. i believe it is the model 6 but i'll have to check again to make sure. I am not sure what the family's plans are for the trumpet, but i'd like to get a value and any information on it so they know what they have. where would be the best place to get that information?


  2. You'll need to start with the serial number, and a model number, if shown on the bell.

    After that, it depends on condition and someone's desire to own it. eBay is good for value by checking the completed auctions.

  3. here is some pictures i finally got around to taking of it


    seems its a bach strad model 6 VI
    serial 1235

    any idea of the value on something like this?

  4. The bad news is it's not a trumpet.

    The good news is it's a trombone, a Model 6vi. From the bell markings, it was made in the Bronx factory. Based on a serial number list I was able to google, it was made in the late 1930s - which the case sure appears to be.

    The Model 6 was a medium bore horn with a medium bell. It looks to be in good shape.

  5. good news is i knew it was a trombone. bad news is i posted trumpet anyways.

    thanks for the help. looking at ebay it seems the value is somewhere between $700-$1250. does that sound about right?

  6. You'd probably be better off asking on a trombone forum about value. They'd have a much better idea.

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    This is an early Bach trombone. Your range seems reasonable. You should post images here, and over at http://tromboneforum.org/ if you're interested in selling.


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