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  1. questions about old Holton

    A friend picked up an old Frank Holton trumpet and I was looking for some more information on it . The bell is stamped Frank Holton and co Elkhorn Wis. there is not any type of model on the horn anywhere. The serial number is 700** and as best as I can tell from stuff on the internet it is possibly circa 1920's. The case is with it and in fairly good shape with a green interior. The horn has a few dings and some obvious repairs but still plays well. The strange thing is it has an extra set of slides with it. It is a Bb horn but I am almost thinking it was designed to transform to a C horn but I could not get it there with the extra slides. Can you help? Was there a horn designed to be a conversion. Can you give me some idea of the history behind it and what it is worth?

  2. That extra set of slides are more than likely an Key of A set of slides, in addition to the Bb model. This was common at the time.

    Worth is highly dependent on the condition and the specific model. Would guess a few hundred dollars if it was in great condition.

  3. Is there such a thing as a B trumpet. I put the extra slides in and used a chromatic tuner. When I was playing a C the tuner registered a B

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    Could be a C set of slides? that is really out of tune?


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