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    Seeking info for Holton Cornet

    Hi Trumpet players of the world. My name is Will Kinney, and I have a Holton Cornet for which I am seeking information. I am a trombone player at Ohio State University... but I do not know much about trumpets or cornets.

    It looks pretty old, and is silver. I can't find the serial number information anywhere online. On the second valve-casing there's the name "Frank Holton Chicago", below it is a five-digit number: 17753. Above it, there's a 0 engraved in the metal and stamp that says "Union Label" which looks like it may have possibly been put on later. (I don't really know, but it's over top of the 0 and looks to be different than the other inscriptions.)
    It has a leaf-like engraving in the bell and the words "New Proportion made by Frank Holton (in script) Chicago."
    The valves work fairly well, and there are just a few minor scratches and dings, and one obvious spot-weld on a brace. The spit valves work normally and overall it's in decent shape.
    On the first turn of the metal, there's an inscription that says: RAT OCT 17 11. I'm not sure what that means...perhaps that it was manufactured October 17th, 1911?

    I'd like to find out more about this horn, like when it was made, what it was for, how much it is worth, etc. I plan on cleaning and polishing it and possibly selling it.

    I'd really like info on this. If anyone knows anything, or can refer me to someone or somewhere with pertinent information, I would really appreciate it. I can be contacted in these ways:
    or facebook (look for a picture of Script Ohio and a trombone player)

    Thank you!

    Will Kinney

  2. The serial number would indicate it was most likely mfg. in the 1912-1913 timeframe in Chicago, IL area.

    To answer a few of your questions:

    - RAT = PAT Oct. 17 1911 would indicate patent number 1,005,972 on this trumpet. Here's a link to the patent


    - "0" above the serial number would indicate the Bore size of the trumpet. The "0" would indicate a small bore trumpet

    This advertisement would be from a similar era (Chicago), that your instrument was manufactured, and I would assume would look pretty similar in style & construcion.


    Hope this helps you better understand your trumpet you have. (Go Bucks!)


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