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  1. choose between a yamaha-ytr-2320 and a Sherwood Sib Standard Usa Elkhorn

    Hello Everybody and thank´s for this forum!

    I am already playing the clarinet and Iwant to start playing the trumpet. I can choose between this two trumpet, Witch do you advice me?

    For 250 euros do you think it is a good proposition? the owner said it is in good state.

    If I want to sell it because I prefer to play an other instrument, the yamaha is easier to sell, but the Sherwood is better to play?

    Sorry for my bad english and thank´s for advices,

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    Stick with Yamaha 2320, common student trumpet.

    Would stay away from Sherwood trumpets. Have seen examples from the 1940-1950's sell for less than $100 USD.


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