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Horn Review: Hi,

The Allora flugelhorn belongs to my wife. She plays trumpet and wanted an additional horn. I play trumpet and cornet. We have found the the flugelhorn to be a nice addition to our horn family. I enjoy playing the Allora flugelhorn myself, but I don't play it as often as my wife does.

The Allora flugelhorn is well made and has a beautiful bright silverplated finish. It is easy blowing and has a nice tone. I like the fact that it has a third slide trigger and three water keys. I believe it is a great horn for the price we paid. The valves are smooth. This is the first flugelhorn we have owned and played, so we advise that buyers try several flugelhorns before committing to a purchase. The Allora is well-made, quality instrument. It comes with a heavy mouthpiece - a B & S 5C-FL.

A ProTec (PB-314) Standard Flugelhorn Case comes with the Allora. The instrument fits snuggly in the case, but it is difficult putting the instrument in the case and removing it. We would prefer a hard case for the instrument. The ProTec case undoubtedly is lighter for traveling. It is a quality case and may be preferred by others who like lightweight cases.

The Allora is a fun horn to play and we both enjoy playing it. Its mellow/dark sound blends well with the cornet and is a nice contrast to the trumpets. It is a good value for the price paid.

Lloyd Michael Fletcher

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