Windcorp Brass Band was established in Gothenburg in January 2005 by Andreas Kratz and Anders Hellman trombonist in Gothenburg Opera Orchestra.

The main reason to establish the band was to gather professional and amateur musicians who want to play brass band music on a high level, but for various reasons can’t attend weekly rehearsals. Thus, Windcorp Brass Band can be described as a project band, which performs in public on about two occasions per year including the Swedish Brass Band Championships. Rehearsals are focused around these few performances.

Windcorp Brass Band’s first year must be described as nothing else but a great success. With only a few rehearsals to fall back on the band captured the 2nd prize trophy at the Swedish Brass Band Championships in November. 2006 saw the band appear at the Swedish Wind Music Festival in Jönköping and give a concert in the city of Linköping. At the 2006 Swedish Brass Band Championships, Windcorp Brass Band once again was the runners-up, close behind winners Göteborg Brass Band with their conductor Nicholas Childs.

The cooperation between the band and its conductor Alexander Hanson has been fantastic from the first moment. It was therefore absolutely natural that Alexander Hanson during 2006 was appointed the band’s first Musical Director. It is without doubt his wonderful talent and pleasant attitude that has made Windcorp Brass Band as successful as it is.

In the beginning of 2005 Windcorp Brass Band started co-operating with the Swedish musical instrument shop Windcorp. It has been and still is a fruitful co-operation from both sides and we hope it will evolve in the future.