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Schagerl Gansch horn
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Isaias Jimenez
Junior Member

Registered: March 2012
Posts: 33
Review Date: 5/19/2016 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: $7,000.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Really Pretty
Cons: no projection, uncomfortable to hold

Well, just realized there was missing a review for this horn so I decided to comment on it.

To start off I'd like to comment on how beautiful it is. Its very pleasant to the eye.
I alway said it belongs in a Museum.
You will always get people to look at you and ask what it is. lol

The built material is made of very high quality,

I had this horn to try for about 3 weeks. i really wanted to buy it, but it just didn't convinced me enough to invest $7k on it

after playing it a few times expect a little pain in your left pinky. It really hurts, but it will go away slowly, but it will still feel numb.

The trumpet produces a nice dark sound, if you play it with a big mouthpiece you will get a bigger sound that goes well with this trumpet.

I felt the lower register was very out off tune, especially that low C sharp and below.
I really had to lip it down a lot.

It takes a little practice adjusting to the rotors because the shorter stroke.

the high Eb felt right on the money but the high C sharp was really out of tune.

I play a lot of big band and theatre music and it didn't work for me, instead of making my job easier I struggled a lot. You really had to watch out for notes in the mid register,
from the F to about the B (last note on the staff to the second space about the staff)
It was very easy to crack notes! that G sharp was a nightmare.

It was very hard to hear yourself play or cut through the band. I was really blowing really hard and couldnt hear myself. I also tried using a sound bubble and still didn't work.

I ended up missing by Bach 37 and Yamaha LA.

I really really wanted to buy it but I would probably only use it at home. I just liked how pretty it is...
took a picture and Im happy now. lol

I figured for that kind of money I would rather have a monette.
ill be posting that review soon.
thanks for reading

I would give it a 7 because of the price tag and way it plays, even it really beautiful I don't feel the need to play it. I have a olds mendez that cost 1/10th of the price and plays and FEELS better to played.

But hey if you have $7k you don't want or need get it!
if it cost half the price I would buy only for the design.
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