200 years of experience combined with today's modern technology have been the formative influences on the new Alexander Trumpet model 1018.

The new trumpet takes up on model 1017 which enjoyed legendary success in the sixties and seventies. Remarkable features of Model 1018 are dynamic sound, balance and its tone carrying capacity.

Meeting various demands of different players, the trumpet is available with a medium sized ML-bore (11.5mm) as well as with a large L-bore ( 11.7mm).

Made from Yellow Brass, the instrument offers a crystal clear and bright sound. When made from Gold Brass, the tone is slightly mellowed and acquires a trace of warmth.

Optional finishes are lacquer, silver- or gold plating.

The possible variables allow players to have their instrument made exactly according to their individual taste and needs. Exceptional workmanship and well thought out details are setting new standards.