The model ASL 363 is an intermediate, large-bore Bb/F Tenor-Bass Trombone. This model was designed with cooperation of artists of the Czech Philharmonic and Amati engineers as an upgrade and improvement to the popular model ASL 361, which it now replaces. The ASL 363 continues with the same basic design of its predecessor such as the 14mm/.551 bore and 235mm/ 8.5, wide throat, bell. Upgrades include a redesigned, open-wrap F attachment, a new rotary valve and lever action as well as a ergonomically designed hand slide brace. The new open wrap greatly improves the tone and response while the new bracing and lever layout increases the comfort and control of the instrument. The ASL 363 is designed for university level band or advanced students.
Key: Bb.
Slide Bore: 14mm (.551).
Bell: 235mm (9.25), Brass with wide throat, brass wire reinforced rim. Optional red brass bell.
Hand Slide: Outer slide made from Brass. Inner slide is of nickel-silver construction and hard chrome plated. Brass bow with nickel-plated water key and bumper. Positive slide lock. Optional nickel-silver slide.
Tuning Slide: Brass inner slide, nickel-silver outer slide, brass bow.
F attachment: Open wrap. Brass inner slide, nickel-silver outer slide, brass bow.
Rotary Valve: Lever fitted with Grenadilla wood grip. Mechanical linkage. Optional Minibal linkage.
Trimmings: Nickel-silver connecting ferrules, plates, braces and flanges. Brace flanges are of grooved design for optimal fit.
Finish: Highly polished and protected with clear epoxy lacquer. Please see the Finish Options page for more optional finishes.
Mouthpiece: A15 3G, silver-plated.
Case: 6670, plastic molded flight case.
Instrument Options
T - Red brass bell.
M - Nickel-silver hand slide.
X - Minibal linkage.