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Austin Winds Studio415 Copper
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Brushed Finish, Copper Bell, .415 Bell
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Bore (inch): 0.415
Website: http://www.austinwinds.com
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Review Date: 2/15/2009 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $1,900.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Freeblowing, Big-Bell, big "targets"
Cons: standard leadpipe, big bell is a tight fit in some cases

I got this horn with the heavy trim kit which included buttons, stems, springs, top and bottom caps and removed the rubber O-rings on the bottom caps. I also got this horn with a special lead-pipe because the standard one will not fit a Monette mouthpiece. My monette mouthpiece is, however, a PERFECT match to the lead-pipe that I have on this horn.

Austinwinds was a joy to work with, they are very professional and produce very good quality instruments. They also were willing to let me "audition" the horn, something that many other companies will not allow.

The horn itself is a very large bore (akin to the ZeuS trumpets) and is very free-blowing. The heavy trim kit on the valve stem makes for extreme security in articulations and awesome projection. The copper bell makes a dark sound, but its light weight aspects also allow the horn to scream and do whatever you need. Also, the price cannot be beaten. This horn is an absolute dream to play in all situations. Instead of a laser beam i have a sound in the upper register that has many of the attributes of an "orchestral sound" but all of the energy of a "lead" sound. In the lower register, the horn approaches the intimacy and expression of a flugel with the large bore really allowing you to express your music.

On other horns, I would be playing right down the center of every note, only to realize that i was not blending at all, a trap that is easy to fall into as a classically trained player. This horn made me realize that having a good sound and having a centered sound are almost never products of each other, but with this horn it is easy to have both.

The Stage40LT really shines in all areas of playing, from shostakovich to stan kenton to gil evans and art farmer, its got all your bases covered. On top of that, you cant beat the price and the professionalism of the company that produces them.

Do yourself a favor and check these horns out!
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