F. Besson Trumpets Meha Series

Meha Series is one of the oldest styles of trumpets on the market. What happened when we combined our classic Meha valve section with a Najoom(r) leadpipe? A whole new generation of classic Meha sound was created. The long and distinguished history of the Meha trumpet continues with the French Besson "Meha New Generation" trumpet.

An excellent jazz/lead trumpet, the Meha has just the right "feel" and easily locks in on the extreme high register. A new bore and bell flare gives this trumpet the free-blowing characteristic and "sizzle" needed by lead players, yet can be dark and warm for soft, ballad passages. Besson - You've found your horn.

62MB-1 62MB-2 .462" bore

Available only in the USA. Mfg. by Kanstul