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F. Besson 92BA "Marvin Stamm"
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F. Besson "Marvin Stamm" model. The 'A' bell produces a clean sound with depth. Very focused and full. Bore is .462". Includes set of regular and weighted valve caps, valve cap spacers, monel valves. Bullet Case is standard. Available in lacquer.

Valve spacers
Prevents bottom caps from being fully tightened onto the casing, but instead onto the spacer. This allows for a lessening of the resistance in the "blow" of the trumpet and lets the horn "open up".

Weighted bottom valve caps
Centers the sound and defines the "slots" of the notes a bit more distinctly. In the circle of the color spectrum, they broaden the sound and accent the darker colors while taking nothing away from the brighter side of the spectrum.

Square bend tuning crook
Defines the notes clearly and brightens the sound a bit while taking nothing away from the warmth of the trumpet. It also quickens the response of the attacks.

Single radius tuning crook
Lessens the resistance in the blow while warming the color spectrum. It takes a bit of the effort away from the player required to push the limits of their stamina, but still allows for the full range of colors in the sound.

The "A" bell
Excellent for all styles of music. It has an open sound with good focus and projection. The bell is well balanced in the color spectrum; bright enough for lead playing while possessing excellent depth of sound for jazz or classical performance.

Standard Features

Lacquer Finish.
Comes with two sets of valve caps, regular and weighted.
Single radius tuning crook and square bend tuning crook included.
Weight: 2lbs 8oz.
Valve Oil.
Includes double trumpet case and Denis Wick mouthpiece.

mfg. by Kanstul
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Bore (inch): 0.462
Bell (inch): 4.875
Valves: 3
Website: http://www.musicgroup.com
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Review Date: 5/31/2005 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $747.99 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Great sound, great response, very versatile.
Cons: None

I have the 92BA model with Najoom reverse leadpipe, made by Kanstul for Besson. May be the same horn as the 160/162, though not sure if the 160/162 are Kanstul made.

This horn has a great sound with a big core. Easily fits into orchestral playing, and with the right mouthpiece, gives a big, fat, sick lead trumpet sound, not the weedy, thin sound so many players get. Very versatile, as the sound is easily moulded by the player. Copes easily with lead playing, jazz, and classical playing from modern to baroque.

The response is fast, and this helps to give greater control over articulation style - can do everything from soft breath attacks to hard hits, and everything in between.

The tone is very even throughout the horns range, and the high register speaks easily. Responds well from pppp to ffff. Intonation is very good. Valves are very, very fast.

For the price these are going for now they are a steal. Easily the equal or better of any Bach or Yamaha trumpet. It is truly a professional grade instrument.

This one has the 'A' bell which gives a richer sound, akin to a Bach 72. The 'B' bell gives a brighter sound akin to a Bach 43 (model 92BB or 94BB).

Long-term resale value may not be great, although it could easily become a 'classic' horn. Chances are if you have one, you'll never want to sell...
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