All Yamaha cases are made of either plastic, ABS plastic, or wood to provide a strong and durable outer shell.

Hinges and Latches

Our cases use riveted metal hinges and latches, which are very durable and easy to operate. They are much less prone to breakage compared to our competitor's molded hinges and latches.

Model Material/Description Instrument(s)
YAC TRC-203 Wood; deluxe YTR-2335
YAC TRC-52 Wood YTR-4335GS
YAC TRC-403 Vinyl covered wood case YTR-4335GS
YAC TRC-605 Wood; double YTR-63xxH/64xxH/6610S/9630
YAC TRC-6810 Wood YTR-6810S
YAC TRC-606 Wood; double Xeno YTR-8xxx; Bb and C
YAC TRC-903 Wood; double YTR-936GS/946GS/9610/9635/9710
YAC TRC-903R Wood; double YTR-936GS/946GS
YAC TRC-904 Wood YTR-9810
YAC TRC-905 Wood YTR-9820/9820C
YAC TRC-906 Wood YTR-9830