A great, even-sounding horn. I find that the "blow resistance" using the same mouthpiece (GR 66***) is VERY much like a Schilke B1 (relatively "open"). Tuning is great... I think this is a fantastic "section horn"...all you have to do is "open your ears" and it seems to fall right in line with everyone else. The sound is richer or "thicker" than a Schilke... nice and "solid". The Eclipse website description of the MR bell is "right on the money"

Incredible valves... very slightly shorter stroke than Schilke and the hard rubber top pads make a nice, positive stop (no felts to have to "wear in" as on a Schilke). Break-in period is quite short, a week or so. Clean and oil daily then go to the "flavor of your choice"... I'm on Binak Pro in less than two weeks.

The horn is VERY well balanced. It's a bit heavier than a B1 (to be expected) but the location of the tuning slide "bits and pieces" to the back of the bell bow nicely counters the weight of the somewhat thicker and heavier red brass bell.

Finish is impeccable. Soldering work is great and the attention to fitting of the water keys is just excellent....no tendency for water to "hang up" at all as with some other Amado water key installations.

"Two thumbs up"