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Edwards Generation III Bb
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The Generation III Bb Trumpet offer an integral leadpipe system which allows a player to change leadpipes efficiently. This design creates improved stability throughout the harmonic series compared to non-modular trumpets. Five leadpipes are available.

Generation III Bells are handcrafted (one-piece) in yellow brass available with either 4 7/8" or 5 1/4" bell flares.

Valve sections are constructed with nickel silver pistons in either vented or non-vented valves. Vented valves create an effortless approach to using the first and third valve slides as they move freely whether the pistons are in the up or down position. They seal as well as standard valves and possess the same playing characteristics as a standard valve set.

Our nickel silver valves produce the finest action available in the industry. Edwards offers a lifetime warranty on all Generation III valve sets.

The Generation III tuning slide is oval in shape. This unique design allows the instrument to play very even in all registers. It also allows the extreme upper register to respond faster than on standard instruments.

Silver plate is standard on the Generation III Trumpets.

Amado water keys are standard on all Generation III Trumpets.
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Bore (inch): 0.459;0.462
Bell (inch): 4.875; 5.250
Bell Type: 1 Piece
Bell Mtl.: Yellow Brass
Valves: Nickel Silver
Website: http://www.edwards-instruments.com
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Review Date: 7/8/2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $3,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Tone, Valves, Quality of build.
Cons: None

The Generation III is an amazingly versatile trumpet! Just like the other Edwards horns, the Gen III can be taylored to your exact needs with options of different bell shapes (I was told that they can have two bells of the same size but will play differently depending on the form they were made on), bell materials, leadpipes and bore size. Also the bells can be Heat treated, Annealed or Tempered, giving different tonal responses. Valves can either be vented or left standard depending on your preference. If you choose to make an appointment and visit the Edwards facility (which is recommended), an Edwards assistant will help you with trying out the different combinations assembled together.
My design features a .462 large bore, 5 1/4" Bronze bell (annealed) with a D4 Leadpipe with 24k brushed gold (applied at the Getzen facility and is exceptional). Depending upon the mouthpiece used, with this combination, you can create either a dark smokey tone or a exceptionally strong lead tone with amazing focus that never distorts. Excellent free upper register and perfect valves! I'm told that this horn allows me to produce the best tone of any of the numerous horns that I have owned over the years, including the Getzen Genesis!
There is a dial mounted on the inside of the bell next to the valve section, that can be rotated and screwed in or out, either making contact with the side of the valve section or not. When it doesn't touch, you can feel the horn vibrate and the tone is more diffuse with less defined slotting. When the dial touches, the tone becomes very solid with focus and slotting becomes defined. The fun part is deciding which you like. For that matter, you can use it boths ways depending on the playing you want to do at any given time.

I did compare this horn to a Generation X and although the Gen X had a nice tone, I felt the Gen III was much more responsive a horn, mainly I'm sure because of the heavier bracing on the Gen X. Note that the only main difference in basic design between these two horns is the bracing. I overall prefered the Gen III's playing characteristics over the Gen X which was a surprise because I actually went to Edwards with the thought of purchasing a Gen X.
I would recommend this trumpet to anyone!
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