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Monette 149XL Bb
posted by admin

Features: Excellent entry-level instruments. Rich, full sound. Secure response. Our lowest-priced instruments. New, updated 5 1/8" diameter bell. We have reintro ...
16864 10.00 2 reviews
Monette 2000LT Bb
posted by admin

Features: Our lightest instrument. Free, easy upper register. Great projection. More secure response than other light instruments. Good blend with conventional inst ...
15287 10.00 3 reviews
Monette 993 Bb
posted by admin

993 Bb Trumpets Features: Large, full sound! Lightest model with our larger 5 5/8" bell. Versatile: great for classical, lead, and jazz. Can be used with both STC- ...
25990 9.30 10 reviews
Monette 997 Bb Trumpet
posted by admin

997 Bb Trumpet Features: Fat, thick, broad sound. Heaviest instrument we make without sheet bracing. Can be used with both STC-2- and STC-3 weight mouthpieces for ex ...
11269 4.00 1 reviews
Monette AJNA II Bb
posted by admin

AJNA II Bb and C Features: Extremely rich and brilliant sound. Sounds good up close and even better at a distance! Remarkably fast and stable response. Holds toget ...
18626 9.60 5 reviews
posted by admin

FLUMPET II Features: Truly a new instrument. Inspired by and invented for jazz legend Art Farmer. Regularly used by top classical, jazz, and commercial performers. ...
19507 5.50 2 reviews
Monette SHAKTI Bb
posted by admin

SHAKTI Bb Our SHAKTI instruments are virtually identical to our more recent RAJA (integral mouthpiece) instruments, with the exception that the mouthpiece is interchangeabl ...
11109 None No reviews

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