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Tom Crown Straight Mute Piccolo
posted by admin
2729 None No reviews
Tom Crown Cup Mute
posted by admin

Tom Crown Cup Mute
4877 6.67 3 reviews
Trumcor Straight Mute
posted by MF_Fan

Straight Mute Newly developed by Richard Giangiulio, the TrumCor Straight Mute has a unique contoured shape that allows for superior fit, intonation and response. A new co ...
3554 9.67 3 reviews
Trumcor Lyric Stealth
posted by MF_Fan

Lyric Stealth This practice mute is unique in that it responds evenly in all registers without compression distortion. It is designed for warming up or long periods of qui ...
5813 None No reviews
Trumcor Super Stealth
posted by MF_Fan

Super Stealth Like the Lyric Stealth, the Super Stealth has an even response in all registers. It is ultra-soft, with more sound absorbtion and resistance than the Lyric S ...
3063 None No reviews
Trumcor Piccolo Stealth
posted by MF_Fan

Piccolo Stealth Sized to fit all piccolo bells, this mute offers the piccolo trumpet player the same quiet practice response as the Super Stealth. It is particularly usefu ...
2929 None No reviews
Trumcor Classical Cup
posted by MF_Fan

Classical Cup This cup mute is suitable for symphonic, studio or solo playing. Its adjustable cup allows for a variety of tonal flexibility. The Classical Cup is responsiv ...
3584 10.00 1 reviews
Trumcor Lyric
posted by MF_Fan

Lyric Often called “the job saver”, this mute is designed for soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velv ...
4032 10.00 2 reviews
Vacchiano Straight Mutes
posted by admin
3340 9.50 2 reviews
Wallace Brass
posted by EdoMasseurs

A very nice sounding and 'in-tune' practice mute. Made of fibre (light-weight). Very low resistance. Practise anywhere without risking your embouchure.
7616 9.50 2 reviews
Yamaha Straight Mute MU-TR10S
posted by Chancerztf

MU-TR10S Trumpet, straight, all aluminum. Unique design Our mutes were designed with a conical indentation in the base to help maintain intonation and a full sound t ...
4735 None 1 reviews
Yamaha Straight Mute MU-TR12S
posted by admin

MU-TR12S Trumpet, straight, aluminum with copper base. Unique design Our mutes were designed with a conical indentation in the base to help maintain intonation and a ...
3082 None No reviews
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