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Callet Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Shallow convex type cup with semi flat rim Tight bore ( # 28 ) & tight back bore ( # 4 ) Outside diameter .1060" Inside diameter .620" Both Standard model ( regular wei ...
4937 None No reviews
Callet Superchops Mouthpieces
posted by mythopoeic

Specifications Superchops 1 Throat: 27 Total length: 1/8" longer than NY Bach Inside diameter: .640. Same as NY Bach 7 Backbore: smaller than standard NY Bach ...
14139 10.00 3 reviews
CKB Acousti-Balance Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Acousti-Balance Brasswind Mouthpieces Designed & Crafted by Conn-Selmer, Inc. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ CKB Acous ...
12985 10.00 4 reviews
Claude Gordon Mouthpieces
posted by admin

CG Personal: Item # Product Description Price CGP-ST CG Personal mouthpiece for trumpet - silver CGP-SC CG Personal mouthpiece for cornet - silver CGP-SF CG Personal m ...
7114 10.00 1 reviews
posted by hectorserv

Couesnon (french mouthpiece)
7336 None No reviews
Curry Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Curry Precision Mouthpieces
24377 10.00 16 reviews
Dennis Wick Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Denis Wick enjoys an international reputation as a virtuoso trombonist and brass teacher. He was Principal Trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra for over 30 years and was ...
14535 9.57 7 reviews
Edwards Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Edwards Mouthpieces are traditional in design but offer more richness and improved intonation than current mouthpieces offered in the market. Two styles are currently availabl ...
3851 10.00 1 reviews
FoKus Mouthpieces
posted by admin

FoKus Mouthpieces
5875 8.60 4 reviews
Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece
posted by admin
3005 None No reviews
GR Technologies Mouthpieces
posted by admin

various mouthpieces
15812 9.09 12 reviews
Greg Black Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Greg Black Mouthpieces, Inc.
9310 8.00 2 reviews
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