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Jaztec Mouthpieces
posted by admin

JAZTEC is a fresh new mouthpiece concept, combining real playability with stunning good looks. The innovative design combines a hard resin cup with a full-length brass back ...
4552 None No reviews
Jerwyn Mouthpiece
posted by admin

The Jerwyn Mouthpiece Adjustable Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece They're back and better than ever. Once you have decided which rim size you require you can chose your ow ...
8264 None No reviews
Jet Tone Mouthpieces
posted by MF_Fan
20217 9.33 6 reviews
John Lynch Asymmetric Trumpet Mouthpiece
posted by admin

Created by John Lynch, professional trumpet player and nuclear physicist/engineer, the Asymmetric trumpet mouthpiece is an incredible innovation in mouthpiece technology. If y ...
18858 4.73 11 reviews
Josef Klier Mouthpieces
posted by admin
3073 None No reviews
Kanstul M Series
posted by admin

Kanstul M Series Replica Mouthpieces have added mass and are designed for greater tonal stability and secure slotting. Not vintage pieces, these mouthpieces represent some of ...
13165 8.50 4 reviews
Kanstul Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Kanstul Mouthpieces
7286 10.00 1 reviews
Karl Hammond Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Established in 2006, Hammond Design was created to give brass players an experience like no other. Our goal is to provide brass players with the most consistent line of standa ...
10255 9.67 3 reviews
Kelly Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Ideal for the outdoors player! Made from Lexan polycarbonate/ABS, the same dimensionally-stable material used in bullet-proof glass! Won't dent shank or scratch rim if dro ...
10609 7.67 10 reviews
Kelly Screamer Mouthpiece
posted by buglerboy37

Crafted from the same Lexan Polycarbonate/ABS material as the standard Kelly mouthpieces, the Screamer model is intended to offer the same comfort, endurance and outdoor effec ...
10789 7.50 3 reviews
Laskey Mouthpieces
posted by admin

For over 20 years, musicians from around the world came to me for custom mouthpieces. They came because they could not find a mouthpiece that had the look, the feel, and produ ...
10806 10.00 3 reviews
Ledger Lines Productions Giorgianni 2000
posted by admin

The 'Giorgianni 2000' is a new trumpet mouthpiece based on the rediscovered European design from the 1920's. The 2000 is a unique and radical design.The rim is semi flat ...
11124 7.80 6 reviews
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