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Leon Merian Mouthpieces
posted by admin
2321 None No reviews
Mad Max Mouthpieces
posted by admin

A revolutionary design mouthpiece made with indestructible polycarbonate. A much easier playing mouthpiece under extreme conditions. It is not affected ny heat or cold and wil ...
5064 None No reviews
posted by trptdork

20937 9.69 14 reviews
Milashius Mouthpieces
posted by admin

The Milashius Mouthpiece was conceived with the objective of designing a new concept in mouthpieces by combining the accuracy of computer aided design with the integrity of ha ...
2803 None No reviews
MONETTE Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Monette mouthpieces are revolutionary. Our constant-pitch-center designs allow brass players more freedom to make music. This section lists our mouthpiece models. Following th ...
28881 10.00 18 reviews
Najoom Custom Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Already known for his NajoomÒ Trumpet Leadpipe and French BessonÒ Classic series trumpets, Dennis Najoom wanted to design a mouthpiece system that would closely address the ...
4167 None No reviews
Najoom Vintage Cornet Mouthpiece
posted by admin

The Najoom® Vintage Cornet Mouthpiece The "Najoom® Vintage Cornet Mouthpiece" is a one-piece mouthpiece that incorporates a late 1960's '1' rim with a circa 1900 design c ...
3805 None No reviews
Najoom NR Series Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Najoom Music Products, Inc. offers the NR series mouthpieces for the professional trumpet player. Collaboration between Dennis Najoom and Gary Radtke has resulted in a one p ...
3930 None No reviews
Parduba "Double-Cup" mouthpiece
posted by admin

The unusual patented design of the Parduba "Double-Cup" mouthpiece enables a great ease of playing in the high register. This is noticeable the very first time that one tries ...
29589 7.70 11 reviews
Parke Mouthpiece
posted by admin

Parke Mouthpiece
9602 10.00 3 reviews
Rudy Muck Gen 2 Mouthpieces
posted by admin

In 1937 Rudy Muck improved the models with a scientifically improved CHAMBERED THROAT enabling splendid attack in the high-low and medium registers. Due to it's long and mathe ...
5248 None No reviews
Schilke Mouthpieces
posted by admin

Few companies know more about mouthpiece manufacture, design and physics than the Schilke Company. They make a complete line of excellent trumpet mouthpieces that work with an ...
15389 9.13 8 reviews
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